We professionally build wooden garden gazebos. We provide our own construction material necessary to build the complete structure. Our Customers can use our original designs. We also build other custom wooden structures, designing them from scratch or using Customers’ designs.


We offer both traditional and modern garden gazebos with varying foundation plans and designs, following the Customer’s preferences.


Foundation plans of our structures:

  • square,
  • rectangular,
  • hexagonal,
  • octagonal.


Wooden gazebos complement our main product range: wooden all-year-round and holiday houses.

A wooden gazebo will make your garden development concept really complete. Our gazebos are distinguished not only by their perfect appearance but also by their functionality. Mass products cannot compare to our gazebos: unique, durable and fully adapted to your preferences.


The most important features of our gazebos:


  • a robust structure effectively protected against damage, to serve for decades,
  • a perfect appearance characteristic only of premium products,
  • functionality, making pastime in the garden your favourite summer activity.