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We are a family business operating in the building industry. Our history dates back to 1987. At that time, we began to manufacture and build Scandinavian wooden houses in Lapland.

In 1991, we relocated our offices to our family town, Jordanów, known as a “green township”. During 43 years of operation, we have designed, manufactured and turnkey-built hundreds of unique, customized houses and other architectural structures.

At present, we are manufacturing and building houses from round and flat-on-flat logs with interlocked corners, energy-efficient houses in the timber frame technology and other structures listed in our offer. We also carry out minor building and finishing projects, such as flooring, panelling, installing Euro windows, doors, constructing roof structures, stairs, etc. We have completed our projects throughout Europe, principally in Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Spain, Greece, Norway, Sweden. First of all, our work is our passion. Building with us is a process aimed to create customized solutions based on cooperation with the customer. Experience gained internationally enabled us to develop a technology offering unique architectural solutions. Our motto reads: customer satisfaction and building in harmony with nature. Over recent years, building from wood has gained in popularity as a technology ensuring a sustainable, healthy and economical home.

Nasza praca to przede wszystkim pasja. Budowanie z nami to proces tworzenia indywidualnych rozwiązań opartych na współpracy z klientem. Dzięki międzynarodowemu doświadczeniu opracowaliśmy technologię, która pozwala na unikatowe rozwiązania architektoniczne. Naszą dewizą jest satysfakcja klienta oraz budowanie w zgodzie z naturą. W ostatnich latach coraz bardziej rozpowszechnia się budownictwo z drewna, które jest gwarancją mieszkania ekologicznego, zdrowego i oszczędnego.

Satisfied customers often come back to us to place new orders. We achieve the high quality and customer satisfaction mainly by paying attention to excellent professional skills and involvement of our employees. We are successful and efficient because the company is based to a great extent on family links.



Briefly about us

Ewa Jaskółka-Nawalaniec

president and owner

A co-founder of the company who acquired foundations of her knowledge over years of work in Scandinavia. The Scandinavians, known as masters of wooden building, taught her the secrets and properties of wood. Her long, hands-on experience both in the construction industry and economics is useful in providing service at the highest world level. Responsibilities: She is engaged principally in running the entire business, with an impressive record of success, confirmed by numerous certificates and awards. The “brain” of our enterprise. She is responsible for drafting contracts and discussions with customers. Her excellent manners and etiquette, and knowledge of the European economy support our international growth. She is bursting with positive energy, and sets an example inspiring her employees and customers. Consultation in: Swedish, English, German and Polish.

Ewelina Rantamaula-Dorulok MEng.

co-owner, project manager

Master of engineering architect, accredited by the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects). Member of the German and Polish associations of architects. Over recent years, she gained experience as an architect and site manager at the town office of Neu-Ulm (Germany), and previously in an architectural studio, designing among others luxury houses. Responsibilities: She develops the operations of Tatra-House together with her mother Ewa, and additionally creates architectural designs and coordinates their implementation in assembly drawings and prefabrication processes. In cooperation with customers, she creates “bespoke” houses: develops custom solutions, adapted to customers’ lifestyles. Together with her husband Michał, she designs not only buildings but also their interiors: electrical wiring concepts, including lighting and locations of electrical systems, creates individual furniture designs, such as wardrobes, kitchens, etc. and general conceptual interior designs. Design consultation in English, German, Spanish and Polish.

Michał Dorulok Eng.

Project manager

A building engineer, specialist in building technical equipment and renewable energy sources, student of property management and building law. He gained long experience as a project manager in a German engineering studio that designed HVAV and electrical systems in public buildings and manufacturing complexes. Responsibilities: Together with his wife Ewelina, he creates custom building designs with particular emphasis put on energy efficiency of buildings. He ensures an uninterrupted construction process. He serves customers principally in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He is responsible for implementing new, sustainable solutions in our technologies, maintaining our products at the highest European level. Consultation in: English, German and Polish.

mgr Grzegorz Trzupek

Marketing manager

Responsibilities: Technical and sales advisor / Site production coordinator. He is involved in compiling proposals and in customer service, particularly technical advice during contract performance. He promotes positive image of the company by maintaining good contacts with our customers. He cooperates with the design division, ensuring consistency between the design and the contract. He coordinates the house production process at the time of order placement, is responsible for meeting order completion deadlines, purchases for production, and logistics in the house assembly process. He ensures uninterrupted production, plans production processes, compiles reports and analyses for production planning purposes. He monitors the market and implements latest concepts, conducts negotiations with contractors, etc. Consultation in: English and Polish.

Our team also includes reliable accountants who maintain financial liquidity of the company, and highly skilled builder teams who transform a design on paper into a unique house.



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