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The manufacturer of wooden houses

We have built health inspired by nature since 1987!
Because our product is your home - it must be ideal.

Log houses

Our flagship product

Timber frame passive houses

modern and energy-saving

Holiday houses

cottages up to 35m2 on request

Welcome to our company

We are a family business operating in the building industry. Our history dates back to 1987.

At that time, we began to manufacture and build Scandinavian wooden houses in Lapland.

We build dreams in harmony with nature

If you dream about an exceptional home, join the group of our satisfied customers!
Energy efficiency, sustainability, the need for living in a healthy and natural environment make our products and services gain in popularity.

We design with energy efficiency in mind

Our houses stand not only for robust structures, excellent thermal insulation and thoughtful room layout
but also advanced, energy-efficient technical building equipment.

Unique quality

Wood that we use in our manufacturing processes is certified and originates from Scandinavia:
this means reliability and guaranteed quality.

See the projects we completed

Building with us is a process aimed to create customized solutions based on cooperation with the customer.

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