At Tatra House, we design and manufacture stylish wooden garages, perfectly harmonizing with both wooden log houses and masonry houses. In our wooden garage, your cars have a perfect parking space, are protected against adverse weather conditions, and importantly, your property preserves attractive and tidy appearance.


The features of our garages:


  • an additional utility room, storage space, woodshed or workshop,
  • one, two or more parking spaces,
  • flat or pitched roof,
  • up and over, sectional, rolling or side-hinged doors,
  • with windows and an additional door.


We offer a very wide range of wooden garage configurations. We are capable of designing any garage size and number of parking spaces. Wooden garages can accommodate additional spaces (e.g. a small workshop or attached woodshed). The attic can be used as a storage space (e.g. for car wheels or tyres).


The drive-in opening will be adapted to the garage door ordered by the property owner. We will also advise you how to construct foundation for the garage to make the structure base stable and resistant to adverse weather conditions. We ensure that wooden garages from Tatra House are not only durable but also visually attractive. Additionally, our car shelters are economical, functional and most importantly: affordable.


We build garages and car canopies to our own or Customers’ designs. We are fully open to new concepts and suggestions for a wooden garage. We are ready to fully adapt the external appearance and interior of our garage to the Customer’s requirements and garden entourage. A garage style harmonizing with that of the house or wooden gazebo really poses no problem.