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Seaside Pearl Spa

Project: holiday cabins from wooden flat-on-flat logs in the interlocked corner style

  • Year of completion : 2014-2019
  • Space : cabins from 25 sq. m to 60 sq. m
  • Lokalizacja :  Rusinowo, Poland

Description: A holiday spa consisting of 7 cabins. This is a complex of holiday cabins characterized by various spaces (a cabin for 2 people, two cabins for 4 people, two cabins for 6 people, a cabin for 7 people and a cabin for 8 people). The larger cabins are constructed from flat-on-flat logs 90 mm thick, the smaller ones from 60 mm logs. The cabins have no thermal insulation and are constructed from balmy Scandinavian wood. Their classic but also unique appearance lends the spa great elegance and charm. The guests enjoy the beauty of natural material combined with unrivalled functionality and ergonomics. The healthy climate, not only on the seaside, but also in the wooden interiors, has a favourable effect on holiday-makers. In our opinion, the most charming structure in the spa is our garden cabin, the favourite children’s place of fun and game. Its exceptional colour is not accidental. Yellow is associated with holiday, beach, sun and unforgettable moments. It evokes the joy of life and gives energy to take on challenges. It convincingly confirms that each detail, even the selected colour, significantly affects positive reception of architecture. The complex also comprises a wooden gazebo, colourful playing ground for children and a garden table with stools constructed by us. The spa is located in a peaceful neighbourhood near a beach.

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